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We partner with the world’s top brands and ambitious startups to prototype the future, today.
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Our method shapes opportunity into an ownable advantage.

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Ownable advantage

AllofUs have spent the last 15 years exploring the relationship between brands, people and technology – pioneering new ways for people and organisations to engage.

We’ve honed our approach over the years by working with the world’s most innovative technology brands and startups. We’ve learned our methods from the best of the best, made them our own, and never stopped improving.

We’re a truly multi-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs and strategists, united under a single purpose; to navigate the path to a new generation of products and services that have an ownable advantage.

We’ve developed a 6 week, hands-on problem solving program


Delivered by a world class team of designers, strategists and engineers

Orlando Mathias
Founder, Executive Creative Director
Orlando invented a gestural language for Google Soli, designed a dual-screen phone with Yota and has launched more than 20 interactive installations for cultural institutions around the world.
Phil Gerrard
Founder, Managing Director
Phil’s a proper digital OG; making his way out of ad-land to form AllofUs with a group of pioneering industry mates more than 14 years ago. Today, he’s leading us fearlessly into the future as we launch Yodomo, our first start-up venture.
Nick Cristea
Founder, San Francisco
Nick designed the bones of SkyGo years before it contained all your box-set binges, spent two years diving into nutrition science with Nestlé, and is widely recognised as the studio’s sartorial innovator.
Heather Eddy
User Experience Director
Heather has led design workshops with bank executives, artisan food makers, neurosurgeons, six year olds, and recently, Tony Blair’s leadership team. The six year olds were obviously the hardest.
Anne-Marie Neligan
Head of Projects
Anne-Marie manages the agency’s largest projects; partnering with The Foundry, Tony Blair and Greenpeace. She’s a master of agile dev and can reliably point you to the best pub in pretty much any part of London.
Ricardo Amorim
Creative Director
Ricardo created a national holiday in Brazil, inspired the creation of a new department within Google, designed top secret products with Nike and launched a new set of guidelines for all of Sainsburys’ digital properties.

In partnership with the best global brands and startups.

Our consulting experience

We’re proud to have worked with some of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world; from the V&A to the British Museum and Science Museum, experimenting at the intersection between digital and physical.

And we don’t mind name-dropping the paradigm-shifting work we’ve done with Sky, Nestlé and Xbox, either, launching products and services that have become part of our everyday lives.

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Our venturing experience

We’ve taken dozens of founders from zero to one, like reimagining the reading experience with Oolipo or creating the world’s simplest boot sale.

Sometimes we just work on ideas that we want to put out into the world, like our VR platform for Greenpeace or contemplating the future of learning with Yodomo.

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