Feb. 26, 2013

This week sees the rather grand unveiling of our top-secret 'floating cube' project for Huawei at this year's Mobile World Congress Event in Barcelona.

Presented to the world's finest technology media and world-wide-blogosphere, the cube is a part of the Chinese technology brand's new "Make It Possible" campaign launch.  Our floating metallic cube seemingly defies the laws of physics to create a sense of wonder for all who see her!  Of course,it's all done by magnets (sorry everyone, Isaac Newton's gravitational laws are safe for the time being), BUT our own piece of in-depth

research concludes that this is the biggest floating thing ever.  So,a world’s first? We'll take that!  Full case study will follow as soon as the team returns from Barcelona. 

To see the cube in action have a look at our short video here. Little Black Book have also featured our work, read the full article here.