Sept. 23, 2011

The high-profile Westfield at Stratford finally opened its doors this week, allowing visitors to get their hands on our brand new digital wayfinding system for the very first time....

Designed by us and built by Connect IB, the kiosk-based, multi-touch enabled system allows visitors to plot their journeys and navigate Westfield’s extensive portfolio of shops, facilities and transport links, as well as download information on current offers and promotions available across the centre. Other neat features include an instant search for any shop (as well as the ability to zoom into stores at any level), a ‘find my car’ function enabled by inputting vehicle registration details;  and the ability to get directions and cinema times sent directly to your phone via text.

The reaction so far has been highly amazing and its rewarding to see the system already playing such an integral role in so many visitor’s journeys as the above images begin to demonstrate. Full case study and video to follow soon.