April 3, 2017

AllofUs are looking for a designer who’s been a hands-on collaborator in the end-to-end process of designing and delivering a range of digital products, services, and experiences. 

As a designer, you tend to see yourself as a well-rounded UX generalist with a unique superpower or two– could be that you’ve also got amazing visual design chops or are a clever wordsmith, or maybe it's documentary film-making or even robot building– whatever it is, it’s a handy skill just waiting for the right moment to shine. 

You’ve got a healthy curiosity about how and why people do what they do, and an altruistic and entrepreneurial spirit that inspires you to see design as a powerful tool for solving all kinds of problems. 

You’re not shy about experimenting with new ways of generating and testing ideas, but also have a firm grasp on a set of tried and true methods that can effectively translate insights into workable design solutions.

You spend time sweating the details so users won’t have to, and are eager to get some kind of prototype in front of real people early and often to help you iterate on and improve your designs. 

You infuse user advocacy in every aspect of your communications, from client stakeholders to front-end developers, and understand the value of setting goals for the user experience and defining methods to test and measure your success against them.

As a team member, you’re a willing collaborator, and a self-starter able to prioritize your own work, set milestones, and proactively communicate your progress. You’re not someone who waits for directions before digging in, and you’re eager to rally a team to get thinking and making as soon as possible. You like learning new things, and are excited to share your own knowledge and skills with others. You would never refer to yourself as a “rockstar” and would probably cringe if someone else did.



  • 5+ years experience, with your most recent roles leaning into project leadership and peer mentorship, as well as hands-on collaboration.
  • Experience with user-centered and design thinking methodologies and deliverables.
  • Depth in prototyping and interaction skills for detailed design.
  • Experience with best-in-class design tools including CS, InVision, Sketch, Principle, etc.
  • Familiarity/experience with lean product development and agile software development methodologies.
  • We do lots of different kinds of work, it’s great if you have, too: large-scale complex web sites, mobile apps, digital installations, hardware, software, wearables, VR, whatever.
  • Good for you if you’ve gone to design or art school, but we’re just as interested in how you parlayed a degree in Biology or Economics into a design career. 

Email your CV to jobs@allofus.com