Culture & Education

We’re proud to have worked with some of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world; The V&A, British Museum and Science Museum, experimenting at the intersection between digital and physical. Our ongoing work with Serpentine Galleries continues to develop an ambitious portfolio of digital initiatives for engaging new audiences and enhancing the visitor’s experience.

Media & Technology

We believe an experimental mindset is only worth having if you also know how to make the outcomes of those experiments real. This thinking inspired and informed our launch of a VR platform for Greenpeace, and drove our work with Google Soli, when we partnered to invent a new gestural language for future interfaces. Our collaboration with Sky actually started as an experiment; we imagined, developed and ultimately launched Sky Go.

Retail & Consumer

We love doing work that becomes a part of everyday lives. We’re the team that reimagined IKEA’s catalogue for the digital age and created an omnichannel vision alongside a design and experience language for one of Britain’s largest supermarkets. With Nestlé we created Ring; a nutritional behaviour tool that helped people put their food insight into action.

Startups & Ventures

We have taken dozens of founders from zero to one, like reimagining the reading experience with Oolipo or creating the world’s simplest boot sale. Sometimes, we just work on ideas that we want to put out into the world, like contemplating the future of learning with Yodomo or bringing retail to the digital age.