Leave An Impression

Aug. 17, 2012

In June 2012 we were called upon by digital and social marketing agency, Work Club, to help create an interactive installation in Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam forBallantine's Whiskey. 

We collaborated with Work Club to produce 'Ballantine's Leave an Impression', an innovative installation that allowed passers by to create a unique impression of themselves and to share it digitally. The idea was to invert the airport norm of processing travellers as mere numbers and stripping them of their identity, and to bring out and harness the power of individual creativity instead, celebrating personal expression.

The installation consisted of three 46” screens, contained in 2.5m high pods, which utilised bespoke photographic imaging software, powered by Microsoft Kinect.

Using infrared and digital cameras the installation ‘reads’ the user's body as they approach the screen, clocking clothing colour, motion, gesture and proximity to create an algorithmically generated reflection, unique to that user alone.

This abstract portrait, consisting of various programmatically generated lighting and depth-of-field effects, as well as rotation, scale and motion trails, can then be manipulated by movement before the final 'Impression' is captured by the software and automatically uploaded to a web gallery. It can then be shared socially on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest by visiting

The software that generates the 'Impression' was developed in open source C++ creative coding toolkit openFrameworks.
The project is the first initiative of its kind for Pernod Ricard owned Ballantine's, and runs for two months, producing countless numbers of completely individual digital portraits which can be shared all around the world.

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