Interactive exhibition

July 1, 2009

A suite of over 20 different interpretive interactives, wayfinding points and AV films for the newly launched Bug World Visitor Attraction in Liverpool's Albert Docks... and already receiving rave reviews.

The Bugworld Experience is a brand new £3.8m visitor attraction that promises visitors the opportunity to get 'up
close and personal' with the fascinating world of bugs.

The large-scale attraction features a number of simulated habitats (ranging from a tropical rainforest to a savannah to an everyday British home), along with a wide array of state-of-the-art digital interactive exhibits, games, information points, alongside daily shows with handlers and live insects. This is all aimed at giving visitors a real sense of the way in which bugs understand and negotiate the world, whilst underlining their importance in our life and in the planet's ecological survival.

Our role within the project was to work alongside the exhibition designers MET Studio to take charge of all interactive and AV requirements, ensuring they became an integral part of the visitor experience. The interactives are offered in a number of formats, ranging from simple AV films and 'Find Out More' information terminals, to more complex interactive games and multi-user, table-top interactives using latest technologies such as multi-touch.