Capital Radio

An Online Guide To London

Feb. 1, 2008

A consultancy and envisioning project to help Capital Radio's internal teams realise their vision to create a web 2.0 guide to the capital city.

Our brief was to help establish an online proposition for Capital Radio that would offer a live and in-depth guide to London whilst also providing new and creative ways for listeners to interact with Capital's live broadcasts and with each other.

The crux of our concept revolved around the integration of geo-mapping technologies and a suite of related user-tools that would allow Londoners to create and share their own personal guides to London - no matter how obscure and individual.

Interactive maps enable user-generated reviews, personalised curated journeys, tours and guides which feature alongside photo-blogging applications and innovative new tools to enhance the way Capital's listeners interact with the station.

A full working prototype was developed for user-evaluation and the site was then handed over to Capital's internal teams to implement alongside detailed design guideline documentation.