MAST Foundation

Nov. 13, 2015

MAST Foundation is an international cultural and philanthropic institution that focuses on art, technology and innovation.

Looking at new generations as the primary target, MAST Foundation favours the development of creativity and entrepreneurship also cooperating with other institutions, in order to support economic and social growth.

AllofUs were tasked to design and build three interactive exhibits for MAST, a new institute  established by owner of innovation-based industrial solutions group Coesia, Isabella Seràgnoli, in Bologna, Italy.

By discovering the process of technological innovation and entrepreneurship, MAST intends to inspire students to explore the themes of mechanics, technology and entrepreneurship that have long been instilled in this district of Bologna.

Allofus in collaboration with Stephen Foulger (content specialist) have worked closely with the senior engineers and management teams of the Italian Coesia group to identify areas within the groups many companies that would represent and explain the innovations and processes within the packaging and engineering industries. Coesia clients range from health and beauty, consumer goods, aerospace, racing and automotive.

Each Interactive will take visitors through a different engagement that starts with "Move It", a truly interactive journey that allows visitors to design different gears through multitouch and object recognition. "Wrap It" allows visitors to be a chocolate manufacture, wrapping the chocolates to meet consumer demand in an engaging multiplayer experience and "Design It" demonstrates the complexities and dependencies when designing a complete packaging system.

AllofofUs designed the physical form of the exhibits to both excite and engage the visitors as well as fit with the sophisticated hi-quality of the buildings interior design.

The bespoke software was created using combination of Openframeworks, HTML, Javascript and Tuio to communicate to the Multitouch technology.

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