Dictionary of Man

Website Prototype

Oct. 1, 2007

A proof-of-concept for Bob Geldof's latest vision….to create an online time capsule that documents every single society on the planet as it exists today.

A joint partnership between Bob Geldof, the BBC and Microsoft that uses the very latest technologies to allow world-wide users to tell the story of mankind in what is perhaps the most ambitious projects we've yet come across.

The principle of DoM is to document mankind and in so doing dispel societal myths by letting the people of this world tell and compare their own stories through film, photo-blogging and written stories - with user-generated content living alongside that provided by both academia and the BBC.

The prototype utilises some very new Microsoft technologies such as Virtual Earth, Sea Dragon, Photosynth and Silverlight to offer some pioneering functionality including navigation by the world map, infinite zooming, real-time trend data visualisation, film-editing and 'mash-up' tools and meshing user-generated imagery together to create real-time 3D environments