Project Soli

Nov. 26, 2015

Last year, a self-proclaimed band of pirates, with the motto: “We like epic shit”, asked us to partner with them on a revolutionary new piece of technology.

This band of Pirates are ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects), Google's maverick team of engineers that pursue projects in a fast-moving system designed to accomplish in months what usually takes years.

They were on course in developing a new gesture based device utilising radar technology, which was announced this year at Google IO as ProjectSoli.

Project Soli is utilising the unique capabilities of radar technology, essentially tracking sub-millimetre gestures at high speeds and accuracy with the added feature of gathering this data whilst hidden under a range of different materials.

Google understood the potential of this technology and approached us to explore and identify real life user cases to demonstrate the capabilities across a large array of different applications.

We took our experience in working across many different industries where we have helped our clients understand how people interact with technology, in both the physical and virtual worlds and applied this user centred approach to Soli.

Our explorations took us into many industries from automotive to health-care and the word of IOT. We worked closely with the ATAP teams both here in the UK and working directly with the technology on campus in Mountain View.

Now that the ATAP team has created the hardware, we will be utilising the SDK to prototype and bring to life some of the concepts that were developed over this period.

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