Kommersant TV

Sept. 28, 2012

Boundary-pushing Russian newspaper Kommersant approached AllofUs and DixonBaxi in 2011, looking to develop a new brand identity and user interface to launch a 24-hour news channel.

Kommersant developed a very unique concept for the news channel with no presenters or audio. Instead live content aggregated from Kommersant's in-house print and radio services, along with content from other licensed broadcasters, is edited live and overlaid with their own commentary to create a unique editorial point of view in keeping with their reputation for being direct and confident with sharp copy writing and witty ironic photography.

It was key that all visuals were supported by text and interfaces developed that could accommodate the dynamic content. We were also keen to ensure the channel stood apart from the cluttered, spinning globe filled red and blue swath of competitors.

The first step was to establish the visual direction; we took a clean modern and quirky approach to provide a breath of fresh in comparison to their competitors. Kommersant was already loosely associated with the Russian 'hard B' symbol so we accentuated this, making it the gravitational centre of the channel using a black and white colour scheme, shot through with bright green, blue, orange, red, yellow, pink and purple.

We then constructed the channel, keeping Moscow in mind as the focal point. Taking the concept developed by Kommersant we developed interface taking a lead from interactive interfaces, arranging themselves differently depending on the live data they are fed. A mix of 3D transitions and 2D templates were developed blending flat colour info-graphics, traditional typography, simple powerful iconography and on-screen subtitles with quirky 'live action' idents. This combined to create a polished three-dimensional world with a library of rich video textures that can be are constantly updated.