Land Securities


Between 2006 and 2010 we were an integral part of an elite strategic council for Land Securities [the UK's largest Real Estate Investment Trust], tasked with finding new opportunities for technology that would invigorate a highly established sales and marketing process. Ultimately our brief was to help Land Sec define a strategy for digital, that would enable them to be more effective in how market they their property portfolio to a wide array of audiences, via projects often undertaken via a wide network of roster marketing agencies. This covered a host of communication platforms, technologies and media, ranging from brand identity development; to website creation; to the development of physical interactive marketing tools for on-site property marketing (involving the incubation of a new and proprietary digital Ink). Crucial to the process was the way we worked in-depth with sales agents to understand exactly how properties were merchandised, at each vital stage of the process. We then created a scalable set of tools and assets to serve their purposes in a digital multi-channel environment, whether it be online, or traditional brochures, or via c-suite presentation tools used at the onsite marketing suites. Once built, this ‘white label’ toolset was then easily reconfigured for different properties, thus creating notable economies of scale for Land Sec.