Land Securities


May 22, 2010

The Parkhouse site at Oxford Street, London occupies an entire city block of just over an acre. The site, to be launched by Land Securities, will provide retail accommodation, office space as well as residential apartments.

AllofUs was commissioned to develop new ways to engage prospective occupiers using technology in the marketing suite. The AllofUs team wanted to create a form of interactive paper which could compliment the sales team presentations and ‘wow’ prospective clients.The resulting Interactive Poster controls a dynamic presentation to help showcase and ultimately sell the new Parkhouse site to prospective clients.  Designed as an alternative to the more traditional, printed collateral usually found in marketing suites, the Interactive Poster works as a sophisticated remote control and allows the sales team to create bespoke presentations depending on the prospective client.

The key challenge was to create something with the tactility, immediacy and intuitiveness of paper, yet with the engagement and dynamic benefits of digital. The Interactive Poster is inspired by the language and function of architectural blueprints – their tactility and function. The aim of the Interactive Poster is to ensure that the client experience is more informal and engaging, enabling them to feel part of the planning and development process. It also enables the sales team to communicate an enormous amount of information about the building and its context to prospective clients, within an immersive, responsive and intuitive experience.