Microsoft Interactive Canvas

Sept. 15, 2008

We believe the best way to promote something is to amaze people with what it can we created a travelling exhibit for Microsoft designed to do exactly that and begin to show the world what Expression and WPF is really all about.

Designed to tour Microsoft events around the globe, we were tasked with creating an exhibit that would get visitors excited about the creative potential of Microsoft's Expression and WPF technologies…and given our core audience was you fellow folk in Design (gulp), we knew it had to be visually splendid in order to really do its job.

Ultimately the Interactive Canvas sets out to be a giant visitor guestbook that collects the thoughts, comments and ideas of event attendees, yet in a more innovative manner. Users are encouraged to freely express themselves using a simple handwriting interface as the main method of interaction...just write or sketch into one of the message bubbles and then share it with the world by dropping it onto the large-scale display.

Additionally [or alternatively] you can then choose to decorate the rich, moving backdrop with a number of predefined drawing tools and animated behaviors designed to make the landscape come alive. Furthermore, visitors can also interact with main display using gestural movement to interrogate the messages left by other visitors in more detail...culminating in a highly engaging, responsive and intuitive experience.

The installation was first installed at Microsoft's Remix event in Brighton and is now touring conferences and high profile design events around the world collecting messages, doodles and creative thoughts wherever it goes. Watch this space for information on more features as we add them.