March 2, 2005

A high-impact interactive installation supporting a major new product launch for Motorola - sponsors of the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

It's a hard life sometimes. I mean who wouldn't seize the opportunity to spend an all-expenses-paid week of partying out in Miami?

Motorola, sponsors of the Miami music event, decided to fly out 200 or so of the world's most influential journalists and present them with their latest i-Tunes phone - in a bid to get them to write nice things about it. We were asked to create an installation that would help support the launch, whilst also provide an interactive treat for poolside partygoers. On the fly, our 5 metre LED wall turned body movement into a high-impact, generative display and custom sound-track, by simply encouraging partygoers to dance…with every display and audio score being unique to each and every user.

All assets generated by the piece were then uploaded to a supporting website, where they were then available for install onto mobile phones as wallpapers and ringtones.