Harefield Hospital Nature Window

Sept. 19, 2006

A nature inspired installation for one of the UK's leading heart and lung transplant centres Harefield Hospital - aiming to reduce patient anxiety before major surgery.

As part of an ongoing art-therapy initiative led by the Royal Brompton Hospital, we were commissioned to develop an installation for Harefield Hospital that would attempt to reduce stress levels in patients awaiting major treatment.

After much desk research and consultation with patient support groups and hospital staff, we developed the Nature Window - the nature vernacular selected due to its proven and well documented effects on patient well-being.

Situated in the room where awaiting patients receive their pre-med, the point in which patient anxiety levels are at their highest, a very English landscape is projected into a hand-crafted wooden relief. Patients interact and bring the scene to life simply by pointing the custom air-mouse at key hotspots within the landscape to trigger movement, sound and animation, which combine to provide a calming distraction from the nervous anticipation prior to surgery.