Website Redesign and Build

May 1, 2013

In early 2013 we launched a responsive website, for Olympia, the venue owned by EC&O.

The aim was to promote Olympia as a world-class venue for exhibitions, conferences, and events to organisers of events as well as potential and existing visitors. The site that Olympia was previously part of was using complex layouts and was difficult to navigate with a lot of duplication of content, along with not being tablet/mobile friendly. It was also key to bring the new site inline with a newly developed brand by Kent Lyons, which boldly distinguishes it from its Earls Court counterpart and the EC&O brand.

We wanted to simplify the site structure and design to ensure Olympia's main selling points – iconic and adaptable venue, central London location with great transport links, and fantastic local area – were clearly communicated. It was also key that we reduced the number of templates and layout complexity used on the eco.co.uk site, resulting in a clean and simple aesthetic to help visitors navigate the site, whatever their needs.

We suggested an illustrative style in place of using the standard stock photography used by Olympia’s competitors, which gives the site its own personality and allowed us to have some fun. We chose soft pastel coloured backgrounds to define each section, adding to the elegance of the brand and setting Olympia out from its competitors as the place to hold events in London. We even designed the site to echo the sense of space and serenity found in the beautiful barrel vaulted Olympia Grand Hall.

We decided to build the site in Drupal as the site is managed by the in house team at Olympia with content is regularly updated, so a simple and user-friendly CMS was important.

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