26 Exchanges

Sept. 1, 2009

An installation that explores the boundaries of language and translation through typography and animation, in collaboration with Pentagram, 26, PEN and UNESCO.

26 Exchanges: Journeys Between and Behind the Lines of Language was a typographic installation, part of the London Design Festival in September 2009.

We worked in collaboration with Pentagram, International PEN, 26 and UNESCO to work with texts from all around the globe, written by members of 26 and PEN who were paired up to investigate the idea of langauge and journey in translation.

Our task was to creatively interpret these texts and bring the lines of langauge to life in an exhibition environment.

We had alot of fun with this, thinking about the visual and typographic representation of the texts themselves, but also the origin, the accent, the phrasing of the spoken word. Thirteen animations plus the install in two weeks, this one was a challenge but with everybody getting involved (plus a little help from Merlin Nation) we managed to pull it off.