Getaway 2 Retail Installation

Dec. 1, 2004

An interactive window installation promoting the controversial Playstation game the Getaway 2.

Situated in the main window at Virgin Megastore's Piccadilly Circus store, sensors transform the window into a large-scale, touch-sensitive surface allowing passers-by to interact with up to 16 mounted CCTV cameras running footage - a combination of live and in-game - from a number of locales across London.

Hidden security cameras also captured images of users interacting with the piece which then, as if by magic, incorporated them into the display. Finally, whispering windows technology turned the whole window into a giant sound emitting surface, allowing sound (the chatter of police radio on this occasion) to be transmitted out into the street.

And the whole thing researched rather well too, with evaluation demonstrating that one in four passers-by stopped to take a closer look. Well done us.