The Public

Interactive Gallery Complex

June 28, 2008

Lead interactive consultants defining the visitor experience and software strategy for this ambitious new interactive gallery complex in West Bromwich - The Public.

We have been involved with this highly ambitious - and at times troubled - project since its inception back in 2002, working as lead interactive consultants alongside architects, interior designers, curators and gallery personnel to specify and implement one of the most cutting-edge visitor experiences yet within the museums and gallery world.

The Public is an Interactive Gallery complex in West Bromwich that uses the very latest interactive technologies to engage visitors in the artistic and creative process as opposed to presenting them with a number of pre-defined artist works.

Designed to reflect the real world activities of artists working with local communities on a wide range of projects, well established interactive artists and designers were commissioned to create new works that enable visitor-defined inputs and outputs.

Linking the exhibits together is a highly sophisticated backbone that uses RFID technology to recognise and remember the work each visitor creates on their journey through the gallery. Then, at the end of the experience, a visitor can them edit and manipulate their masterpieces further for printing onto wide range of merchandise available in the gallery shop.

Our role on the project has been to help define the visitor experience strategy and solution, alongside the design and implementation of a number of major software interfaces including visitor wayfinding, interpretation, profiling and editing tools.