Renault TV

June 2, 2009

The Future of television goes live with a refreshing new take on On-Demand TV from Renault…offering the very best in custom-made automotive content.

With the increasing need for automotive companies to find new and more innovative ways to engage with their customers, Renault has, one might argue, returned to the very origins of the advertising world by placing advertiser-supplied-programming at the heart of its new communications strategy…a technique and approach that in the old days gave birth to the term 'soap opera' and the like.

But Renault are of course doing this in an entirely new way, using the power of new technology and the web to reach-out to its customers…with Renault TV launching to a fanfare of online admirers already.

Working with the clever people at Publicis Entertainment, we were brought in to design the user-experience for Renault TV….a service that sets-out to provide both a powerful entertainment experience and an intuitive interface into the brand and its related product portfolio.

Renault TV comprises of five channels: Live, Entertainment, Autotainment, Infotainment and Motorsports, which showcase programmes and films custom-made for the job by award-winning TV production company RDF; and all broadcast on a high-tech-infrastructure via Lemon and Definition

With even big things planned for Renault TV over the coming months, be sure to check back to see things come alive with a plethora of new content and features.

As always, more info to follow soon.