Roald Dahl Museum

Ideas Aviary

Nov. 12, 2012

The Roald Dahl Museum in Buckinghamshire approached us to create an interactive installation for the newly opening Solo Gallery and Writing Hut. The exhibition tempts visitors into experiencing the wondrous world of Roald Dahl, by inviting them to engage in the author's extraordinary and fanciful ideas, recorded in his many notebooks.

Using the setting that inspired many of Dahl’s ideas: his garden, including the fruit trees, and his beloved budgerigar aviary, the interactive installation seamlessly blends physical propswithcomplex digital projection mapping,immersing children into a fantastical garden landscape.

Within thissurreal world, children are invited to whisper their own ideas into two real-life birdhouses that magically transform them into unique floating ‘thought bubbles.’ As the bubbles drift up into the sky, a single budgie leaves its swarming flock, and collects the bubble, flying off into the distance. The little bird immediately returns, plucking one of

the ‘idea fruits’ off the tree, and splatting it onto the invisible ‘fourth wall,’ right in front of the captivated visitor. Within the dripping splat, ideas, sketches, and insights about a classicRoald Dahl story are revealed, and as the splat disappears a connected animation plays within the landscape, adding to the dreamlike quality of the experience.

Museum Director Amelia Foster has praised the installation, saying she was 'so pleased' with 'the brilliant new displays,’ adding that by allowing children to interact with Dahl’s ideas, in the installation, she is 'confident it will provide a richer experience' for visitors.