Science Museum

Atmosphere gallery

Sept. 15, 2010

The Science Museum’s highly anticipated Atmosphere gallery tackles the contentious, intriguing and complex issue of climate change in a thoughtful, engaging way: what it is, its causes, its consequences, and where we might go from here.

Since its launch by Prince Charles in December 2010, the Atmosphere gallery has welcomed thousands of visitors to find out just how their seemingly small, individual, everyday decisions change the complex, delicate balance of our planet.

Working with main exhibition designers (and serial AllofUs collaborators) Casson Mann, the concept centers on the exhibition’s main theme: the dynamic relationship between people and their environment. We helped shape and design the exhibition during a four month consultancy period which helped formulate the briefs.

Responsive, collaborative, and interactive, we devised an experience that invites visitors to affect their surroundings by a series of behavioural choices. In the central exhibit, visitors take a series of interactive challenges through futuristic consoles that highlight the complex interdependence of the earth’s fragile ecosystem.

With each answer they give, and each choice they make, the gallery visibly changes. We created a sophisticated, real-time ecosystem covering the entire floor and ceiling, using over 10 projectors to track and share the life of the gallery, moment by moment. This projected surface represents the sky and earth, instantly altering to reflect each person’s impact – just like our wondrous planet itself.

Our work for the atmosphere gallery received an Honorable Mention at the 2011 AAM MUSE awards in the Interpretative Interactive Installations category. The judges said they were, "particularly impressed by the highly interactive content of the exhibit and the opportunity it gives visitors to actually have control over their environment".