Science Museum

Move Over Einstein

Feb. 2, 2005

A collaboration between the Science Museum and the Institute of Physics, this travelling exhibition aims to raise the profile of contemporary physics amongst teenagers, whilst celebrating the seminal works of Albert Einstein.

Commissioned to develop the exhibition's attractor exhibit and generate much valued press coverage, our inspiration came from a defining core thought...Albert Einstein it appears did much of his thinking whilst riding his bike.

So a bike is what we built…however this one allows exhibition visitors to get inside Einstein's head and pedal an abstracted journey through the inner workings of his mind, discovering more about his thinking, theories and achievements along the way. It proved to be highly successful with the commission becoming the most popular exhibit at the show (as testified by the cues of teenagers waiting to have their go) and achieving vital media coverage in the Metro, Time Out, the Daily Mirror, The Daily Telegraph and the New York Times.

The exhibit also featured at the Science Reception at Buckingham Palace in 2006.