Science Museum

Who Am I? gallery

May 12, 2010

At the heart of the Science Museum’s Who Am I? gallery is a series of interactive exhibits by AllofUs, taking visitors on a journey of self-discovery.

Launching in 2010, the Who Am I? gallery is an ambitious exhibition exploring genetics, sociology and anthropology. Working alongside the main exhibition designers, Casson Mann, and design consultancy Graphic Thought Facility, we created an interconnected installation in three parts inviting visitors of all ages to discover what makes each of us so unique.

The first is a reactive wall which entices visitors inside. Using our own bespoke camera recognition technology, the gallery’s ‘molecule’ graphic identity responds uniquely to each visitor’s movement creating a live representation of their silhouette, introducing the exhibition’s main theme – that each of us is a true one-off.

The second part of the installation includes two large multiplayer interactive tabletops which allow 16 people to enter a series ofinquisitive challenges that delve into the strange mystery of why we are who we are.

All of this takes place against the final part of the exhibition which is an 8-metre wide backdrop, on which visitor data and input is aggregated and visualized as dynamic, playful projections, vividly bringing to life the topics, ideas and responses being generated in the gallery, as each individual steers the exhibition’s course.

Our work for the Who Am I? Gallery received a commendation at the 2011 Design Week  Awards within the Installations category.