Selfridges Redesign

May 1, 2005

The redesign of the website was a highly challenging affair, with our ambition all along being to convince the powers that be to liberate their 21st - century customer-base and let them indulge in a spot of online shopping.

But with our e-commerce plans quelled at the final hour, our challenge was to then engineer the next best thing…something Selfridges could handle and feel comfortable with internally.

So the end result mirrored the mechanics of an offline style magazine….a highly premium, elegant finish presented a guide to the store's most compelling things to do and buy…as we brought together well known fashion writers, photographers and designers to work with in-house buyers and marketing teams to make their products sing.

Alongside a behind-the-scenes system that allowed Selfridges staff to keep the content updated, rather cleverly we also provided the editors with tools that allowed the visual presentation to easily adopt the look and feel of a Selfridges key promotion…and magically all done without breaking or indeed compromising the quality of the design.