Serpentine Galleries

Digital Engagement Platform

Sept. 25, 2016

Serpentine is one of the most visited galleries in all of London with over 1 million visitors every year.

In order to keep up with its growing reputation for nurturing digital art and artists, the Galleries partnered with AllofUs to introduce an ambitious portfolio of digital initiatives that enable them to engage new audiences and enhance the overall visitors experience.

AllofUs conducted a number of interviews to gain insights into the needs and requirements centered on key members of the Gallery team. Observation exercises were conducted in the Galleries to understand the behavior of visitors and their attitudes towards mobile technologies in a cultural context.

The first platform that we launched was a web-app (accessible via the Serpentine Galleries’ WiFi network) that gives visitors access to a plethora of specially curated content including videos, interviews and editorials tailor-made to tie into the works and themes on display so as to augment the exhibition experience.

Collaborations and contributions from artists and curators, as well as commissions and information about past, present and future exhibitions will round out the available content.

The content is intended to be insightful bites of information that help you appreciate the artwork in front of you, rather than in-depth descriptions. It is very much a mobile first approach to how people consume content.

The team focused heavily on designing a stripped down, natural user experience: “minimising the UI to eliminate any real form of navigation, making the app more of a well-informed companion that travels with you around the artwork.

We shortly followed with the Second platform, a physical extension of the mobile App, that focused on communicating and informing visitors of the Serpentines different locations, current events and bringing a live social feed into the Gallery space.

A bespoke solution was developed with a custom made display system that elegantly blends into the Gallery reception areas. Both the App and Display system are powered by a tailor-made CMS for the gallery staff to manage themselves.

 Digital Engagement Platform
 Digital Engagement Platform