Sky Songs

Oct. 1, 2008

Sky move into the music marketplace with a full-featured streaming and download service that looks to be a serious contender as the nation's jukebox.

For £6.49 a month, everyone (not just Sky customers) can subscribe to unlimited music streaming from an ever-growing catalogue of new and old songs.

Just as Sky Player helps Sky open doors to new audiences, Sky Songs aims to bring digital music to the mainstream masses. In a competitive market that includes iTunes, Spotify and soon-to-be launched services from Virgin and Google, Sky Songs has been extremely well received by critics and music fans alike Sky Songs was conceived and announced back in 2008 and we've been involved from the outset. Brought on to develop the UI strategy, and tasked with the full end-to-end user experience, our early concepts aimed for a consistent listening experience with a focus on music discovery. By integrating strong editorial content with a fully-featured Player that allows easy management of a personal music library, we drew on the strengths of iTunes, and music blogs. Considering the number of muso's in the studio, this was a project dear to our hearts.

The result is a design and structure that is intuitive, comfortable and most importantly revolves around a user's connection with their music. It's still early days, but Sky Songs has already replaced Spotify as the studio's default soundsystem. Let's see if it catches on…