Aiwa World Website

Feb. 1, 2004

A collaborative project with Wieden and Kennedy and the first ever website to come out of the AllofUs studio...which also just happens to be  the proud winner of the Design Week Best of Show Award back in 2004.

We still look back in disbelief at the moment that this site won top-prize at the Design Week Awards given it was up against the formidable ipod that year. Not that we're complaining, as buckets of blood, sweat and tears went into making this website.

We worked with ad-agency Wieden and Kennedy on the project to create a site that would promote a new high-tech range of USB imaging and audio products for Aiwa in Japan.

Taking W&K's dream-like 'Aiwa World' concept - a weird and wonderful place existing somewhere between Monty Python and Yellow Submarine - we fielded a team of illustrators, animators and sound designers to work with the AllofUs team to make Aiwa World come alive for the very first time.

The result….an oddly eccentric, yet highly crafted website that people still ask us about today.