June 1, 2006

Strategy and concept development for a new and groundbreaking interactive exhibition that celebrates the life-long works of Konstantine Stanislavski - Russia's famous founding father of method acting.

Situated within a new corporate headquarters development in Moscow - in an old factory building that once belonged to Stanislavski himself - our brief was to work alongside renowned exhibition designers Casson Mann and transform the building's lobby area into a permanent exhibition space celebrating Stanislavski's life and accomplishments.

Stanislavski was both a successful businessmen and lover of the acting profession, who amongst many other significant achievements in his life, went on to become the founder member of the Moscow Arts Centre alongside the creation of the 'System' - a revolutionary series of books teaching the science and art of method acting, and is still regarded today one of the most defining developments within the acting profession throughout its history.

Our exhibition concept utilises a theatre fly-tower at its core, to introduce a number of interchangeable sets that each relate to a particular aspect of Stanislavski's life and works. So each day a new stage set that integrates traditionally fabricated furniture with interactive technologies, is lowered into the lobby to for visitors to immerse themselves in some of the defining events of Stanislavski's life.