Tate Britain

Constable Exhibition

May 2, 2006

A pair of interactive installations at Tate Britain that immersed visitors in two defining aspects of Constable's work.

Our X-Ray exhibit allows visitors to gain a better understanding of the artist's thinking by exploring the underlying x-rays of a finished oil painting. Simply walk towards a digital image of his work to reveal the layers of original paintings underneath. Designed as an extension of the visitor's natural tendency to approach a painting to see more of it's detail it was incredibly intuitive method for young and old to interact.

The Grid exhibit illustrates Constable's process of 'squaring up' an image throughout the creative journey between initial sketches to his finished work.

A glass display case containing a copy of a Constable sketch, sectioned into a grid by cotton thread [a technique used by the artist himself], makes up the interface - simply tap the glass in the relevant cell to reveal the related portion of the finished painting on an adjacent projected image. 

Our work created a storm in a tea-cup within the art world as they debated its appropriateness…although Kings College research left cynics with egg on their face by demonstrating clear enhancements to the visitor-experience and interpretative process.