July 4, 2011

In the run up to the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics we had our hands full designing and building a concept prototype for the Telegraph newspaper's online Olympic coverage.

We knew we were never going to be able to compete with the live BBC broadcast, with its extensive and exclusive video content, so we set about constructing a companion experience for those watching the live stream. The Telegraph's insightful editorial had to be at the heart of the experience, appealing to existing Telegraph readers as well as a younger audience, hoping to drive new traffic to the Telegraph website.

We developed a self contained Olympic tracker to monitor past, present and future events in the games at a glance, covering news, results, lives scores, schedules, venue and sports guides, as well as editorial content and galleries. We began to work with a broad range of Telegraph personas to create high-level user scenarios and journeys to inform the user experience and design that sprung from this initial concept.

A series of working prototypes were developed to ensure the usability of the tool and show how the energy and playfulness of the Olympic games were brought to life within the functional experience of the design. We created a comprehensive strategy for the use of graphical elements – large numbers for GB scores, different 'voices' for different commentators, demarcated by font or colour – and developed a wide range of bespoke animation behaviours using HTML animation libraries so that coverage could be updated in real time, right up to the minute.

The tool launched four weeks ahead of the Olympics opening ceremony, implemented by the in-house Telegraph team, and was live up until the end of the Paralympics. AllofUs were proud to be given the opportunity to create a component that would make a real difference to the coverage of the biggest Olympics of our lives.

"Thank you for all your work in helping us with our Olympics offer. Just about coming together now ... But you and your team built a more than solid base for us, for which we're very grateful"

Ben Clisset, Sports Editor, TMG