Thomas Pink

Online Global Store

Oct. 1, 2004

An online concept store with fully integrated e-commerce capabilities - inspired by the sartorial elegance and top-notch customer service on offer at Thomas Pink's flagship Jermyn Street store.

Functionally rich, technically sophisticated and operationally integrated....coupled with elegant design that provides a premium sensibility to Thomas Pink's online presence.

There is also lots of clever stuff that goes on behind the scenes with this website that would go unnoticed unless we told you about it. The site integrates snugly into Thomas Pink's EPOS, merchandising and stock management systems; it has a simple-to-use admin tool to allow the client to run it themselves, and it publishes Flash and HTML versions simultaneously to enable SEO and disability compliance to live harmoniously alongside a sensory and hand-crafted -design execution.

And rather well it did too - within a year of launching the new site it became Thomas Pink's second largest store worldwide.