Twig Mobile U.I.

Jan. 1, 2007

Detailed user-interface development for a brand new satellite positioning phone from the Finnish telco giant Benefon.

Working alongside world famous product designer Ross Lovegrove and design consultancy Pentagram, our task was to develop the on-screen user-experience for a Benefon's new mobile positioning device Twig which was aimed squarely at a consumer audience.

Working with Benefon's team of software engineers to specify a logical and intuitive user-flow and information architecture for the software, our challenge was to then bring to life the variety of on-device features and functions in a way that welded the Ross' product design with Pentagrams spanking new brand identity.

The result was something highly unique and distinctive for the category....however the mobile marketplace being as competitive as it is meant that the project was canned before we could finish it. Here's hoping for next time.