Visit London


April 3, 2009

AX&L is an interactive exhibit commissioned by Visit London as part of the 'East' Festival to celebrate the works of Xenakis and LeCorbusier.

Located in the heart of Spitalfields Market in London, AX&L (After Xenakis & LeCorbusier) was created by our in-house R&D team to explore the relationships between the fields of architecture, music and science; drawing inspiration from the ideas and themes shared between pioneering composer Iannis Xenakis and modernist architect LeCorbusier.

The main feature of the exhibit is an interactive sculpture which takes the form of a concrete 'piloti. This sculpture contains a laser measurement device that, through user interaction, acts as a radar-like system mapping out the surrounding space measuring the both the built-environment and the movements and interactions of its inhabitants.

In this manner, the activity and life of the architectural space creates an ever-changing musical score, whilst the 'piloti' itself acts as the instrument, playing through the score according to the direction and tempo of the user interaction.

The data collected through these interactions was simultaneously transformed into a musical soundscape and data visualisation display played out within the space. Distance information correlated with angle and speed data was plotted using graphical notation to create a score, while simultaneously the processed datastream is mapped into a mathematically-defined musical scale to define the accompanying soundscape.