Sky Player on Xbox

Oct. 8, 2009

Since 2009, we’ve been working with Xbox to bring Sky Player into the homes of gamers and media buffs in a true world-first.

The first release of Sky Player for Xbox broke all subscription records, putting the full range of Sky’s on-demand, catch-up and live TV at the fingertips of console owners, and offering Sky’s first ever fully personalized TV service, allowing viewers to tailor their television watching to their exact preferences.

In 2010, we integrated Microsoft’s brand new motion-tracking Kinect technology, allowing users to control Sky Player by gesture and voice. This latest release also ushers in a new era of social possibilities, integrating Xbox Live’s existing avatar-based, community features into Sky Player to offer a richer, socially enhanced viewing experience. Now, for instance, in the Party Room, you can watch your favourite programmes along with friends in their own homes, chatting with them at the same time.

With all these possibility-expanding features, it’s already proven a huge hit with Xbox owners everywhere.