Yota Play Brand Identity

Sept. 26, 2011

Yota needed a dynamic identity to position Play as a high-quality proposition within a highly competitive sector, whilst also providing a useful, functional mechanism to liberate its multi-platform ambition...

With hindsight, naming ‘Yota Play’ was arguably an easy choice. a) because the word ‘play’ has such a strong affinity with video watching, and b) because of Yota’s immensely ‘playful’ internal culture and personality. In this case, the best ideas are most definitely the most glaringly obvious!

With the hard stuff done we put maximum effort into creating a graphical property that Yota could own. So after working closely with our good friends Someone on brand strategy, we came up with the Yota triangle. This, as we all know, is synonymous everywhere in the world with the play button, whilst also providing Yota with a powerful graphical symbol in its own right that would serve to differentiate them in an increasingly competitive sector.

The property would be used across all on and offline collateral as well as being functionally integrated within the service itself to indicate playback functionality. It would also need to serve the requirements of desktop iconography for the many different platforms and devices the service would be made available on.

With a cinematic nod to the science of film and TV broadcasting, our unique take on the triangle uses an enchanting spectrum of light to provide Yota with a sophisticated, high-quality property that they can own, that works well in static and moving form, in both traditional and digital media. We also created the wordmark, guidelines andd idents to go with.

The result is a premium, vibrant, flexible and responsive brand world that’s at once distinctive and constantly evolving.