Yota Play Connected TV

Sept. 23, 2011

Satisfying both our desire to maintain the elegant interface design evident across other Yota Play platforms alongside offering a highly intuitive service dictated via the constraints of a TV remote... Yota Play’s connected TV presence proves that bigger is sometimes even better....

Launching across a number of connected TVs and set-top boxes, Yota Play was also the major launch partner for the new generation of Samsung Connected TVs in Russia.

This platform is clearly important given it provides Yota Play with a presence in the household living room, where viewing film and TV viewing is experienced in its finest form.

A massive simplification of the existing Play service interface (note simplification, not dumb down) ensured the UI could operate effectively by just 5 buttons on the remote – 4-way directional controls and select, as well as being compatible with the LG Magic Remote (similar to a wiimote).

The rich feature set was translated to this different method of consumption taking into account the different behaviour and more communal nature of the usage-experience. Consideration of the limited hardware and low screen resolution resulted in an entirely new interface being created, addressing the significantly larger viewing distance from screen and reliance on simplified remote, so minimal buttons are used within the interface.

We paid enormous attention to crafting seemingly small details like background spectrums and control shadows, an obsession that’s clearly paid off in the surprising depth and dimension of the finished product, as well as tying the device family together.