Yota Play iPhone App

Sept. 23, 2011

Presenting the biggest design challenge of all due to its screen size, the resulting Yota Play iPhone app proves it’s possible to be both easy to navigate and provide an engaging, high quality viewing experience...

Creating a sense of space and an enticing viewing interface on a device with a three-inch screen was always going to be a challenge. But by focusing on keeping the interface uncluttered, we give the content room to shine.

As with the iPad iteration, maximum attention was paid to ensure the native user-behaviour and language of the iPhone was utilised to ensure interaction remained intuitive and second nature. This of course had to be balanced with the Yota brand language to provide Play with a genuine point of difference and continuity with the family of sister interfaces.

Again we completely reviewed  the Play feature-set from the ground-up, taking care only to include the features deemed most appropriate for the device by which most of us do our socialising these days.

Other features include remote downloading and follow-me functionality for part viewed content across all platforms.