Yota Play PC Interface

Sept. 23, 2011

The Yota Play PC iteration is the very heartbeat of the service portfolio, the mothership ‘core platform’, the one that drives all others...

The Yota Play on PC interface is perhaps the most extensive of all, offering a rich and highly extensive feature-set to users, making the task of getting the user-experience design 100% right all the more critical.

Whilst not exhaustive, this feature-set includes:

  1. The integration of a new paradigm in social content discovery, allowing users to discover and share views on the films and TV they like via their existing social networks
  2. The creation of widgets for 3rd party websites such as search, social networking and film website partnerships (much of the Yota Play user-experience takes place on 3rd party destinations)
  3. A rich portfolio of account management features allowing users to purchase once and watch on any device via streaming and download4. The inclusion of a helpful desktop client for use in offline mode

The list goes on.

As with all the Yota Play interfaces we created, great emphasis was placed on designing a simple yet elegant and premium experience that maximises the cinematic impact of the content wherever possible. Huge effort went into crafting every last detail of the Yota Play PC interface and experience, the result being a project we’re immensely proud of and that users also enjoy, with feedback from user-evaluation and testing being throughout being highly positive.